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Fenton Champions Causes for Earth- August 2009

Fenton Champions Causes for Earth

HE is a Greenpeace activist currently in Australia, a university student and a part-time FM96 announcer.
Fenton Lutunatabua is also one of the hopefuls vying for the Vodafone Hibiscus King crown.
The Kadavu lad lists challenging himself and trying out new things as reasons for joining the contest.
Mr Lutunatabua is sponsored by Greenpeace. He is a second-year USP student studying jounalism and psychology.
"I was surprised to be one of the finalists and considered in this year's contest was an honour for me," he says.
"There were a lot of young men who went for the audition."
His message for this year's festival is to promote awareness on environmental issues.
"We have to make sure we all do our part so that the earth can nurture itself," he said.
Mr Lutunatabua said everyone could play a part for the planet.
He is looking forward to the festival scheduled for August 22.
His hobbies are travelling, being an advocate for the environment, theatre, arts and golf.
Mr Lutunatabua was among Greenpeace activist who locked themselves to a coal loader at Hay Point Export Coal Terminal in Queensland and blocked operations since Wednesday.

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