Friday, 30 January 2015

Let, Listen, Love!

A Few Things I Know To Be True.

  1. I am over "Things and stuff". Moving forward in 2015, I would like to have less moving forward. Not saying that I have a lot already or am ungrateful for what I already have, "things" just make life a little more clustered. I am placing more value in learning to LOVE what I already have, and prioritising experiences over things.
  2. Bob Marley and Jack Johnson always make a playlist worthwhile. 
  3. Being healthy is as much a choice, as it is a blessing.
  4. I have always thought giving was liberating, but I am slowly learning, that letting go is more so.
  5. Always trust your gut. Always.
  6. Save and travel as much as you can.
  7. Train yourself to express your opinions sincerely and responsibly.
  8. Embrace your personality. Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert. Celebrate who you are.
  9. Always encourage your loved ones to show their true selves.
  10. Stories change lives, hearing them and telling them. Search for stories with depth and earnestly seek deep conversations.
  11. I am great friends with myself, and am totally happy with that.
  12. Personal connections are one of the most valuable things in this world.
  13. Think about what you need to say, think about it a little more, then say it.
  14. Explore the depths of others beings. Let, listen, love!
  15. Do not be concerned about what others think about me.
  16. Appreciate the beauty and perfection of the things so many other people miss.
  17. Let go of critical and ill wishing people, but don't hold onto any bad feelings towards them.

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