Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Waiting is Not Wasted Time- 2012 Post Graduation Blog

Earlier this year in April, I graduated from the University of the South Pacific, with my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Applied Psychology. The actual day of graduation played out a whole lot more different than I imagined. For one, I didn’t want to attend graduation. I was ashamed of the decisions that I had made that led to a delay in my graduation. Instead of concentrating on my studies, I partied, I worked part time at a bar, at a coffee shop and at a radio station. I fell into the wrong crowd and I learnt to run away from responsibility. And I have my poor GPA, a different circle of friends and a whole lot of memories to prove it! Secondly, I always imagined my graduation being one of the happiest days of my life, celebrations, and congratulations from friends, gifts and maybe even a surprise party. But nothing of the sort came about. Instead as soon as the ceremony was over, I drove home, changed and drove back into Suva for work, I was organising the volunteer team that would help out with the launch of this event that was happening that evening. Tired, disappointed and confused, we pulled off the event without a hitch anyway.
I remember thinking to myself, that as soon as I get my degree, I would get a job and after a while pursue further studies. 2 months later, im still sitting at home, jobless! Don’t get me wrong, I still keep myself busy; I have studied a bit about photography and read a whole lot of books and articles. But my point here is, that, growing up, we are packaged and gifted the “as soon as lie”, as soon as you get that degree, things will be easier, as soon as you make enough money, you will be happier. But really, in all honesty, is that the case?
During these past two months, I have learnt that if you constantly dwell on what you don’t have, instead of what you do, you’ll never feel like you have enough. Now a lot of people use this as a drive, as a motivation in life, keep striving for better, for more, for bigger, for greater. But is that really what this generation needs, a whole lot of young people, taught to want more than what is necessary? We consume more than we need, we want more that we should, we have more than we could ever know what do with. Is this really the life lessons we want to pass onto the next generation?
Being involved with community work, volunteerism, and having a strong mother who has taught me all the values I need in life, one theme is constant. Learn to give, it will develop character as well as crucify self centeredness. If a person of good character would choose between having more or making use of what they have, they would choose the latter. Sustainability is the only way forward.
I believe that you will only get more of what you need, when you use what you already have, that must make sense to someone else other than me right?
So in the thick of it all, when I sit down and think about the direction my post graduate life is going, I can’t help but feel grateful, that I have this time to wait, to sit and reflect, develop patience and ultimately, develop my faith! When worrying about where my life is headed, I can’t help but giggle. A year ago today, I can guarantee you; I was worrying about something else as well. But as history would have it, I turned out beyond blessed.
Waiting is not wasted time

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