Sunday, 13 December 2015

Frontline Truths

Happy to share this online storytelling platform, I have been working on. Its actually been live for a while, but I haven't had the time to share it on my blog yet.

You can check it out here

As young Pacific Islanders working in the climate movement, our role must be to to shift this single story that paints us as victims of climate change, to one that reflects our multiple truths as Pacific Islanders, living with climate impacts, but thriving nonetheless.
As a people, we need to retell our stories. We need to shed light on our multiple truths and record this part of our history, so the next generation can learn from our stories. Not just for the sake of Pacific Islanders in the climate discourse, but for Pacific Islanders in general.
The stories told to the world about us, have not been an accurate reflection of our unique Pacific perspectives, and that is why Pacific paid close attention to story collecting and storytelling this year.
The stories we have collected across the region, represent our climate realities. It also represents our shared hope for the Pacific and the world. This year Pacific took ownership of how our stories are being told to the world.

The following are our truths as a people at the frontlines of climate change. These are our stories of how we are bearing witness to climate impacts as well as holding strong to the resilient spirits of our people.

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