Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Things I look forward to in 2015

1. Stories that make me laugh.

2. Stories that me think.

3. Stories that make me want to get up and DO things i normally wouldn't.

4. Meeting passionate people!

5. Hanging with people who aren't ashamed of their mistakes.

6. Hanging with people who don't mind looking silly.

7. Creativity in ALL FORMS!

8. Hanging with people who have their shit together, and those trying their best to get it together.

9. Reading more books.

10. Enjoying my own company.

11. Maps.

12. Travel.

13. Coming home again.

14. Working like a champ, then being lazy!

15. Making things.

16. Making do.

17. Rocking the boat, raging against the machine, sticking it to the man, then having a beer.

18. Learning about the world.

19. Being with friends and family.

20. Making lists!

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