Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sydney in February, 2015

I came across this when I was walking around Chinatown in Sydney last week. Sydney residents who identify as Chinese, of being of Chinese descent, were celebrating their new year. According to the Chinese 12- year animal zodiac cycle, this is the year of the "Goat." This particular restaurant set off fireworks at its doorway, as a means to ward off any evil spirits that might bring bad luck to the business. 

This trip to Sydney for me was especially different because I had a bit more time to myself to wander and get lost. This was one of the many parks I found myself in. Book in hand and camera on standby, I just sat, read, observed and meditated. In a city as busy as Sydney, it was good to be still.

One of my favourite things about this trip was having one on one time with good friends, Oliver and Salusalu. I have pretty much known them my entire life, and I am pretty glad I do. Both of them are doing so well for themselves, Oliver has got the job and girl of his dreams, Salusalu also has the family of her dreams, and is pursuing her Masters -in Sydney. It was great to see them and talk. I make a lot of time for deep and meaningful conversations with people whose thoughts matter to me, I am blessed to have that support network.

I finally got to meet Viliamu. Viliamu is the son of my immediate manager, Koreti Tiumalu. He is super blessed to have her and her husband, Viliamu Snr, as parents. He is surrounded by greatness! 

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